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Dear authors!

Due to the fact that our Journal has been faced with the problem of simultaneous publication of the same manuscript in several scientific journals and the special attention of our editorial staff to the issues of compliance with publishing ethics and copyright, we inform you that when submitting an article for publication, the author must attach written confirmation that this manuscript will not be simultaneously published in other scientific journals. Submission of the same manuscript at the same time in more than one journal is regarded as unethical behavior, and if the editor reveals a similar situation, the collaboration with the author will be discontinued, and the electronic version of the publication will be removed from public access.

Procedure for reviewing manuscripts in a periodical

“Central Russian Journal Of Social Sciences”

The manuscript is submitted if it meets the requirements for the registration of articles placed on the site: www.orel.ranepa.ru

1. Published manuscripts and manuscripts published in other journals are not submitted.

Full articles are submitted with volume to 26 typed pages and 6 pictures.

The article should be written efficiently and carefully edited.

2. It is necessary to send to the editorial board e-mail (vestniksrvon@mail.ru) the following documents:

— application containing the title of the article, annotation, keywords, surnames and initials of authors, the place of employment — in Russian and English;

— electronic copy of the manuscript (in Word 97-2003 or RTF format), tables, pictures and picture captions;

contract for publication and right for placement in electronic databases;

— two annotations (in Russian and English) — to 150 words, and the second annotation (200-250 words) may be sent after receiving the reviewers’ positive decision and recommendation for publication;

— information about the authors: their job titles, academic degrees, phones and e-mail addresses (in Russian and English).

Please note that the files of submitted manuscripts should be given electronically or by e-mail of the editorial board.

3. The manuscript is registered in the Register Journal indicating the date of receipt, the title, the author’s /authors’ full name, the place of employment. Article is assigned a unique registration number.

4. Submitted manuscripts should meet common ethic principles.

5. The secretary of the editorial council (Deputy Editor) refers the article for a review to a member of the editorial council, who is leading the appropriate scientific field, on condition that the article meets the necessary requirements.

The review undergoes some levels using type of peer-review: by the editor-in-chief, open peer review, one blind editing, double peer review.

The article sent to the author for revision should be returned with comments and the original version. The letter containing answers to comments and changes should be attached to the revised manuscript.

The article, delayed after revision by more than three months or required extra revision, is considered as a new submission.

8. The review given by the author should pay attention to the relevance of the scientific problem, uniquely characterize theoretical or applied significance of the research; relate the author’s conclusions to existing scientific concepts. An essential element of the review is the reviewer’s assessment of novelty of the manuscript, the personal contribution of the author in the solution of the problem. It is worth noting in a review compliance with the style, logic and accessible presentation of scientific nature of the manuscript.

9. The article should have:

— originality — a new subject area, methods or results;

— scientific methodology — accuracy and objectivity of the conclusions;

— clarity, structured material and the quality of writing;

— logical argumentation;

— theoretical and practical significance;

— novelty and relevance of links;

— international approach;

— editorial compliance with framework and objectives of the journal;

— adequately reflecting the content of the article titles, keywords and abstracts;

— presence of foreign sources in the bibliography (at least 20-30%, the exception of publications on regional subjects); number of references should be sufficient.

10. Annotations should be:

— informative (following the logic description of the results);

— original;

— content-rich (reflecting the main content of the article and the results of the researches);

— compact, but not short (from 100 to 250 words).

11. After receiving the decision of acceptance for publication, the author should provide a structured annotation in Russian and English.

Structured annotation with volume of 250 words may include:

· introduction — the purpose of writing the research work;

· methodology;

· area of the research;

· conclusions — results of the research;

· framework of the research / possibility of subsequent use of the scientific work results (if applicable);

· practical significance (if applicable);

· social implications (if applicable) — impact on society / politics / system of state and municipal government;

· originality / value.

12. After receiving the reviews at the editorial board meeting, the question of incoming articles is considered and the decision is made based on the conclusions of reviewers about the publication or the refusal to publish articles. On the basis of the made decision to the author / authors is/are sent a letter in which the overall assessment of the article is given. If the article may be published after revision taking into account comments — recommendations for revision are provided. If the article is not accepted for publication — the reasons for such decision are given.

Reviewing manuscripts is confidential in order to protect the rights of the author. Breach of confidentiality is possible in case of the reviewer’s application about the falsification of the submissions.

The reviewer evaluates the compliance of the article with the scientific profile of the journal, its relevance, novelty, theoretical and (or) the practical significance, availability of conclusions and recommendations.


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