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“Journal of Public and Municipal Administration” is a cultural and educational scientific periodical, aims at a comprehensive analysis of the various aspects of public and municipal administration in Russia, CIS countries and far abroad.

Conceptual strategy of the journal is due to the need to identify the objective interdependencies between different social phenomena and validity of political and administrative goals, decisions and actions in the modern society.

Information content of the materials published in the journal is reflected in the following headings:

1. Russian state: history and modern management practice
2. Historical evolution and modern experience of state development of foreign countries
3. Statehood: historical-philosophical, socio-cultural and ethno-civilizational aspects
4. Religion and church as public institutes
5. History and modern practice of public administration
6. History of statehood: foreign experience
7. Reforms and institutes: history and modernity
8. History of legal russian statehood
9. Management of economic development


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